Choose a Lawyer Who Will Put Your Child First

Choose a Lawyer Who Will Put Your Child First

Talk to a juvenile lawyer about your case in Martinsville, IN

The Gaunt Law Firm offers top-notch legal representation for parents and children dealing with juvenile dependency issues. When a child is a victim of abuse or neglect, sometimes their voice is left out of the conversation. A juvenile lawyer will ensure that the child is in a safe home environment. I’ll examine the facts of your situation closely to fight for your child’s best interests.

I’ll help you fight for your future

I also work with minors who are facing criminal charges. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and your juvenile mistakes shouldn’t dictate the course of the rest of your adult life. Get in touch with me today if you need a lawyer who focuses on juvenile delinquency cases in Martinsville, Indiana.

When you retain The Gaunt Law Office, I will:

  • Meet with you and your guardian to discuss your situation.
  • Develop an aggressive defense on your behalf.
  • Ensure that you’re treated fairly in juvenile court.

Call my office now to schedule your free initial consultation with a qualified juvenile lawyer in Martinsville, IN.